Sunday, June 12, 2011


Front of the house.  The plants are
new, so sort of hard to see.
Mortimer with his fern.
This is the side bed, with our mature hostas.
We spent quite a lot of time this past week putting in the garden in the front of our house!  We laid down 20 bags of mulch, planted quite a lot of perennials and annuals, and installed a cute frog that I could not pass up.  We're trying to decide a name for him, but I think we've settled on Mortimer.  I kind of liked Franklin, but Shawn REALLY liked Mortimer, which was fine with me!  There's not much to say about the beds, really, so I'll just include some photos.  Naturally, the plants will fill in as they mature.  The hostas are a year old, which is why they look so nice.  I'm just grateful that a lot of what we planted are perennials, because we won't have to do that amount of work all at once again!  But WOW, what a sense of accomplishment!


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  1. Mortimer is an awesome name, obviously. Especially for a frog! ;) The house looks great, Kim! :D